Mercruiser Certified Dealer on the Great Sacandaga Lake

SternDrive Engine  & Mercruiser Drive ServicesMercury Certified Service Logo

This is a list of some of the more common services we perform.  There are many more services available.

Summerize Sterndrive Engine

  • Battery:  Top off fluid, charge, test, clean terminals, install & connect.
  • Check fluid levels.
  • Check charging system.
  • Inspect belts.
  • Test run on hose/flusher and check general running condition.
  • Check for water, oil & fuel leaks.
  • Check operation of navigation lights, horn, blower & bilge pump.
  • All minor repairs will be done automatically at an additional charge.  All major repairs will be authorized by owner first.

Annual Service

  • Check battery condition & clean battery connections.
  • Run Computer Diagnostics Scan and check for faults.
  • Change outdrive gear lube.
  • Run Power Tune through engine to remove carbon deposits (carbureted).
  • Replace thermostat.
  • Install new spark plugs, rotor & distributor cap (points & condenser).
  • Inspect/tighten belts.
  • Inspect hoses & clamps.
  • Replace PCV valve.
  • Replace IAC muffler.
  • Inspect fuel system for leaks.
  • Change fuel filters &/or water separating fuel filter.
  • Change engine oil & filter.
  • Clean back-fire flame arrestor.
  • Set timing, idle speed & dwell.
  • Grease prop shaft and inspect prop.
  • Grease all fittings
  • Inspect bellows w/o removing outdrive.
  • Re-torque gimbal ring clamp bolts.
  • Inspect anodes.
  • Check trim system.
  • Run on hose/flusher and check for satisfactory flow of cooling water & general running condition (this will not detect all running problems, lake test may be required).
  • Check engine warning system, steering & shifting.
  • Not all apply to every model.

Alpha & Bravo Drive Preventive Maintenance

  • Remove sterndrive.
  • Check engine alignment, u-joints, drive shaft, gimbal bearing.
  • Grease u-joint bearings, drive shaft and gimbal bearing.
  • Inspect all bellows & hoses in transom assembly.
  • Change gear lube, replace drain & vent screw washers and clean & re-fill gear lube monitor.
  • Clear external water intakes as necessary (externally).
  • Grease prop shaft & inspect prop.
  • Inspect drive anodes.
  • Re-install drive with new o-ring/gasket set.

Change Drive Gear Lube

  • Change gear lube, replace drain & vent screw washers.
  • Clean & re-fill gear lube monitor, if equipped.

Change Engine Oil

  • Run engine up to operating temperature.
  • Change engine oil & filter.

Water Pump Impeller Replacement

  • Remove gear case, replace impeller with either complete repair kit or impeller repair kit as required.
  • Grease drive shaft splines and re-install gear case.
  • Top off gear lube.
  • Test run on hose/flusher for proper impeller operation & shifting.

Replace All Bellows (Alpha or Bravo Drives)

  • Remove outdrive.
  • Replace u-joint, shift cable & exhaust bellows.
  • Replace gimbal bearing, shift cable, water hose, gear lube hose & trim senders.
  • Check engine alignment & grease u-joints.
  • Re-install outdrive with new o-ring/gasket set.
  • Test run on hose/flusher & check for cooling water flow & correct shifting.

Run Computer Diagnostics

  • Computer diagnostics available for All Mercury products.