Stern Drive Engine Winterization Services at our Sacandaga Lake Marina

Stern Drive Engine Winterization

  • Add fuel treatment and stabilizer to fuel tank(s) as required per gallon.*
  • Change water separating fuel filter, if equipped &/or empty sediment/water bowl if equipped.
  • EFI/MPI Engines:  Connect portable fuel tank containing manufacturer’s recommended winterization mix of stabilized fuel and oil.  Run engine up to operating temperature, circulating winterization fuel mix to protect internal engine parts.  Re-connect engine fuel line.
  • Carbureted Engines:  Run engine up to operating temperature, circulating stabilized fuel through fuel system and fog engine with a rust preventative solution to protect internal engine parts.
  • Drain water from engine cooling system.
  • Flush cooling system with antifreeze and fill system with non-toxic propylene glycol corrosion inhibiting anti-freeze with a -50°F burst protection.  All hoses and drain plugs are re-installed.
  • Drain and re-fill outdrive with H.P. Gear Lube and install new fill/vent screw washers.  Pressure test outdrive if any indication of water exists, notify customer if present.
  • Clean gear lube monitor, if equipped.
  • Change engine oil and filter, using only quality products (SAE25W-40, FC-W).  Emission controlled engines must use full synthetic engine oil.
  • Grease gimbal bearing and outdrive fittings.
  • All hoses and drain plugs are re-installed – All you have to do in the spring is install the battery, check fluid levels and start it up (fogging oil will cause it to smoke a lot when first started).

Stern Drive Service (Mercruiser Product only)

This service is recommended annually by marine engine manufacturers in their operation and maintenance manuals.

  • Remove stern drive unit.
  • Inspect universal joints and gimbal bearing.
  • Inspect exhaust, universal and shift cable bellows
  • Check engine alignment.
  • Grease universal joints and gimbal bearing.
  • Re-install outdrive with new gasket and o-rings.

* Due to fuel quality issues and varying ethanol content, we can no longer guarantee trouble free spring start-up.  So far, our current treatment has been working well for the past several years.  Please deliver your boat with at least a 1/4 tank of gasoline, so we have enough to run the engine during haul out and winterization.

Certified Service on Mercury Outboards and Mercruiser Sterndrive Products